Trade Training For Today's Job Market

Introducing a revolutionary program that puts YOU in control of your future with training that fits the current job market: The fast and efficient trade knowledge online training courses by the Accelerated Training Institute.

In the past, individuals typically learned by watching skilled tradesmen performing the tasks “on the job.” On-the-job training can be spotty at best, one task here another there. Relying on that method, it could take years to gain the knowledge needed to perform at a high level of skill. Plus, the tradesman and/or supervisor demonstrating the work may not be skilled at teaching. In contrast, by providing our students with consistent, high-level step-by-step video instruction, verifying they have acquired that trade knowledge, we bring tremendous value to both individual students and employers interested in training new or existing employees.

Our Mission:

Our mission, as the premier provider of accelerated instruction in the mechanical and construction trades, is to provide individuals and employers the opportunity to acquire the knowledge of various trade skills necessary to be more employable, or do the job they already have more efficiently, through studying our proprietary training system.

We are radically changing the way trade education is delivered and experienced, providing study-at-home courses that make a real difference in the lives of our students.

ATI graduates are significantly better candidates for entry-level work, and for advancing within an organization as a valuable employee. They bring to the job the knowledge base to build upon to do a multitude of hands on tasks as they quickly advance in their career.

Our curriculum is taught by highly qualified trade instructors with decades of real-world experience, to ensure students receive relevant, high-level instruction.

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