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Whether you are a business owner looking for a training solution for your employees, or an individual looking to develop your own skills for a future career or personal benefit, Accelerated Training Institute has the online ‘how-to’ courses you need to meet those goals.

With online certified training in all of the major trade areas, ATI is the most cost-effective way to teach the knowledge and theory required to be able to work in these areas with confidence.

The Premier Provider of Online Training and Instruction in the Mechanical and Construction Trades

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John HayesStaton Island, New York
I like that every subject is explained very well. The why and what you are doing are explained; and, the right way and the wrong way are shown.
Nick HibbertPueblo, CO, disabled, future handyman
This plumber I spoke with recently didn’t believe I knew his trade and when I spoke more with him he said, “You really do know what you are talking about. I’d better not do anything wrong or you’ll know about it.” My friends see me as different now. They see me as this person who can do all this stuff! I feel empowered and confident.
Michael TillmanNevada, Iowa
I like the convenience and flexibility of the ATI courses. I choose when, how much and how fast to learn.
Brian McCarthyGrand Rapids, Michigan
Compared to traditional classroom training, the self-pace and excellent video images lead to better learning. The video (especially close ups) provide views unavailable in classrooms, and the ability to review at any time is a big advantage.
Bob SellersComputer Programmer, Ava, Montana
I love the empowering effect of the training… knowing I can fix anything! I started with plumbing because I had a plumbing problem in my house. And I fixed it! Something simple I had paid a plumber good money to do.
Tom AltCusseta, Georgia
One of the disappointments I’ve had with the methods of education I received in the past is that you are compelled to learn things with no thought to how you might apply it in real life. The ATI courses follows a logical progression of skills development you can readily apply to the real world.
Frank MosblechMt. Airy, N.C.
I would highly recommend the ATI courses to anyone. Even if you choose not to pursue a career in any of the fields, this knowledge can still be extremely valuable. If you know carpentry, plumbing, masonry and locksmithing, what could you not do around your own home? Add in welding and machine shop, and there is no end to the projects you could tackle.
Allen GodinAvionics Technician, Morrisville, Vermont
I have to say that I have taken a welding course consisting of 30 Hours of training and hands on welding and it was nowhere near as in depth as the first two hours of the Oxy-acetylene segment of the welding course. The ATI Course is the opportunity I was looking for the last 20 years.