Machine Shop 101 Course

This Knowledge-Based Machine Shop Course Teaches The A–Z Of Machine Shop And Is Taught By A Master Machinist

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This comprehensive Machine Shop Course comes in 3 sections:

Section 1–Lathe: More than 12 hours of detailed instruction on the set-up and operation of the Machine Lathe. Students will learn how to set-up the machine, turn, bore, thread, knurl and taper metal.

Section 2–The Vertical Milling Machine: Instruction detailing everything the student needs to know to run a vertical mill including fly cutting, indexing, boring, milling aluminum, steel and plastics, clamping, fixturing, digital read-out and more.

Section 3–General Machine Shop Techniques: More than 5 hours of video. Students learn how to properly operate all the support equipment needed in a shop: belt sanders, bead blasters, grinders, and surface grinders, plus learn how to sharpen drill bits, remove broken screws, detailed shop planning and set-up, and advanced equipment and techniques.

  • Course Perk Icon 29 Instruction Hours.
  • Course Perk Icon Certificate in Machine Shop Theory upon Completion.
  • Course Perk Icon • All instruction is delivered online with video instruction and testing. Instructor support and interaction online or by email.


Upon successful completion, this course results in a Certificate in Machine Shop Theory, preparing an individual for entry-level employment or pre-apprentice positions in the Machine Shop trade in positions classified under Machinist (SOC 51-4041 Idaho Department of Labor).

Examples of pre-apprentice position titles are Machine Technician, Millwright, Aircraft Systems Technician, and Engine and Machines Technician. Additionally, this course prepares individuals for employment in positions involving entry-level Machine Shop work classified as “maintenance” under General Maintenance and Repair (SOC 49-9042 Idaho Department of Labor) in position titles such as Maintenance, Maintenance Mechanic, and Facilities Maintenance Technician.

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Darrell Holland


Mr. Holland is well known as a custom rifle builder, writer and lecturer. He builds some of the tightest shooting rifles in existence. Darrell is always inventing new performance shooting products, and he is constantly pushing the envelope with regards to integrating the latest technology and ideas into his rifle designs to increase accuracy and improve reliability. Darrell has instructed many courses that take advantage of his unique knowledge and expertise. His simple, direct instructional style makes learning any subject easy, and his attention to detail is legendary. His unique “V Block” one-screw bedding system is an excellent example of his thinking and machining skill.

quote icon Better than being in the classroom

Compared to traditional classroom training, the self-pace and excellent video images lead to better learning. The video (especially close ups) provide views unavailable in classrooms, and the ability to review at any time is a big advantage.

Brian McCarthy

Grand Rapids, Michigan

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