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Online Skills Training System Quickly & Easily:

  • Saves Time
  • Saves Money
  • Eliminates Headaches
  • Rapidly Increase Profitability


Increase Recruitment and Retention

To Rapidly Train Your Employees Choose A Course Below:

ATI Courses teach the A-Z of theory and practical application required for your employees to work in these areas with confidence

Hours of Training for All Trade Courses
Training Videos for All Trade Courses

Whether you are looking for training for your employees or an individual seeking to develop your skills, we have the online ‘how-to’ courses you need to meet those goals.

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ATI courses empower students to learn from anywhere, anytime, at their own pace the knowledge and skills needed to advance in the Trades. Taught by experienced professionals who are leaders in their field, ATI courses are theory-based which gives you the background knowledge you need.

How Your Business Can Thrive With ATI



· Get the Best Candidates By Not Just Offering Another Job. With ATI You’re Offering a Career with Trade School Training.

· Many Businesses Offer Job Applicants a Small Raise or Promotion If They Complete the Training on Time Because They Are the Kind of Employee You Want to Keep

*A Special Bonus*
Professionally Written Job Postings That Attract Candidates Who Want to Work with You



· Better Trained Employees Without Sending Them Away to a Traditional Trade School

· Training Time Slashed by Providing Trade School Learning While They Work

· Professional Trade School Knowledge to Help Prevent Costly Mistakes

· All Your Business's Training Tracked in One Easy Location

· Efficient, Correct & Consistent Training Reduces Costs



· Employees Are Spun Up Faster and Trained Right the First Time

· Online Trade School Training Can Start Day 1

· Automate and Track Your Business's Training from ATI’s Custom Dashboard

· Professionally Written Job Postings Ready to Rollout

· Efficient, Correct & Consistent Training Eliminates Wasted Time



· When You Invest in Employees, They Are More Likely to Stay With You

· More Knowledgeable Co-Workers Makes All Employees Jobs Easier

· Consistent, Professional Training Makes a Better Work Environment.

· Access to Videos 24/7, Even on the Job Site

· Course Certificate Upon Completion

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The Online Learning Experience

ATI Programs of study are developed in accordance with rigorous academic and industry standards. We teach the complete A to Z of a discipline using a methodology designed with both experienced and novice students in mind


On The Go Learning

Online & Mobile-friendly digital study materials fit into your busy schedule, allowing you to study where and when you want.


High Quality Curriculum

Self-paced modules with detailed visual instructions to give you the knowledge and tools you need to succeed in your industry or DIY project.


Supportive Students & Faculty

Academic guidance, student support administrators, to help keep you motivated and on-track to reaching graduation!


Accelerated Learning

Courses designed to help you learn quickly.