Plumbing 101 Course

This Knowledge-Based Plumbing Course Teaches The A–Z Of The Plumbing Trade And Is Taught By A Licensed Plumbing Instructor.

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This comprehensive Plumbing Course teaches the A to Z of the plumbing trade theory according to the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) and is taught by a licensed plumbing instructor. Students receive consistent, high-level instruction in everything related to plumbing from the rough-in, top-out and installation of all new construction plumbing, to basic repair and maintenance. They will also learn how to install everything from tubs, sinks, lavatories and fixtures to hot water heaters and commercial grease traps.

  • Course Perk Icon 30 Instruction Hours.
  • Course Perk Icon Certificate in Plumbing Theory upon Completion.
  • Course Perk Icon • All instruction is delivered online with video instruction and testing. Instructor support and interaction online or by email.


Upon successful completion, this course results in a Certificate in Plumbing Theory, preparing an individual to enter employment in positions involving Maintenance Plumbing, Plumbing Assistant(Helper) and the plumbing work involved in General Maintenance and Repair positions such as Maintenance Mechanic, Facilities Maintenance Technician, and Building Maintenance and Repair Technician.

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Plumbing 101 Course

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quote icon I feel empowered and confident.

This plumber I spoke with recently didn’t believe I knew his trade and when I spoke more with him he said, “You really do know what you are talking about. I’d better not do anything wrong or you’ll know about it.” My friends see me as different now. They see me as this person who can do all this stuff! I feel empowered and confident.

Nick Hibbert

Nick Hibbert Pueblo, CO, disabled, future handyman

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