Professional Gunsmithing 101

This comprehensive course teaches the fundamentals of gunsmithing.

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This comprehensive course teaches the fundamentals of gunsmithing and prepares the student for career as a professional gunsmith. The Professional Gunsmithing Level I Course includes 152 hours of detailed, step-by-step video instruction by Master Gunsmith Robert (Bob) Dunlap.

  • Course Perk Icon 152 Instruction Hours.
  • Course Perk Icon Certificate upon completion.
  • Course Perk Icon Distance education delivered online with video instruction and testing. Instructor support and interaction online or by email or phone.


Upon completion of this course the student will be able to analyze problems encountered in common firearms, including Handguns, Shotguns, Rimfire and Centerfire Rifles, being able to identify the failure points with feeding, lock-up, extraction and ejection, firing, safeties and other mechanical aspects, with the knowledge to then make the appropriate repairs. Students will have the knowledge to demonstrate work ready skills.

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Robert (Bob) Dunlap


Instructor Emeritus, Master Gunsmith Robert "Bob" Dunlap was recognized nationally as the top instructor in his field and was an expert witness in firearms court cases. His unique and personally developed Design, Function, and Repair system is at the core of ATI’s Professional and Consumer courses. Throughout his career, as a state-accredited college gunsmithing instructor, Bob also ran a fully staffed gunsmithing shop performing warranty work for Colt, Smith & Wesson, Charter Arms, Hi-Standard, Remington, Browning, Winchester, and numerous other well-known manufacturers. Bob has been personally responsible for the repair of well over 250,000 guns. At the Accelerated Training Institute we work to carry on Bob's legacy of teaching Design, Function, & Repair, and growing current and future generations of gunsmiths and firearms enthusiasts.
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Ken Brooks


A graduate of and former instructor at the renowned gunsmithing program at Lassen College, Ken worked with Bob Dunlap at their shop in Coquille Oregon. When Bob retired from gunsmithing, he turned his entire operation over to Ken because he has developed into such a great design, function, and repair gunsmith. Ken is the host of the Gunsmithing Club of America's monthly troubleshooting segment, "Over the Gunsmith's Shoulder" and has filmed over 180 "Disassembly and Reassembly" courses on various guns.
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Gene Shuey


Gene is a former Mr. America (1960), a top International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) shooter, a founding member of the Southwest Pistol League and a former consultant to Colt Firearms. He was also the first sectional coordinator and helped start IPSC in Texas. As a Master Gunsmith specializing in 1911-style IPSC limited and open class guns and high end custom rifles, Gene has contributed a great deal of knowledge and information to American Gunsmithing Institute’s instructional gunsmithing courses. Some of the American Gunsmithing Institute courses he has instructed include: Building the Reliable 1911, Building the Custom Mauser Rifle, Stock Refinishing, Glass Bedding, Professional Metal Finishing, Parkerizing, Rust Bluing and Professional Gun Cleaning: Tricks, Tips and Techniques. He has also provided consulting and insight on many of the School’s other courses.
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Jack Landis


Jack has built, repaired, and modified guns for over 50 years. He is a graduate of 20 consecutive summers at the NRA Summer Gunsmithing Programs at Lassen and Yavapai Colleges. After 30 years in the security industry, he went to work for the American Gunsmithing Institute and ATI where his broad knowledge and logical problem-solving abilities resulted in his becoming the Tech Services Manager and “Go-To” person for student and customer technical questions on the courses, content, and test questions.

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