Welding 101 Course

This Knowledge-Based Welding Course Teaches The A–Z Of Welding And Is Taught By A Credentialed Welding Instructor and Certified Welding Inspector.

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This comprehensive course in welding includes every type of welding from gas welding to ARC and TIG welding. Students will learn from a licensed professional welding safety, tank set up, how to do every type of weld and welding in 2G, 3G and 4G positions. Students will learn the A-Z of welding through demonstration, with up close views of the instruction so they can quickly learn the fine detail of such precision work as how to hold the welding equipment, puddling and cutting in every type of welding operation.

  • Course Perk Icon 22 Instruction Hours
  • Course Perk Icon Certificate in Welding Theory upon Completion
  • Course Perk Icon All instruction is delivered online with video instruction and testing. Instructor support and interaction online or by email.


Upon successful completion, this course results in a Certificate in Welding Theory, preparing an individual for entry-level employment in the welding trade in positions classified under Welder (SOC 51-4121 Idaho Department of Labor). Additionally, this course prepares individuals for employment in positions involving entry-level welding work classified as “maintenance” under General Maintenance and Repair (SOC 49-9042  Idaho Department of Labor) in position titles such as Maintenance, Maintenance Mechanic, and Facilities Maintenance Technician.

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Robert Rizzetto


Mr. Rizzetto has more than 37 years of experience in the welding trade and is a NCCER-credentialed Welding Instructor. Because of his thorough training and experience, he understands exactly what is happening when students are welding and how to explain it to the student in a detailed, yet easy, way to understand. He enjoys teaching and introducing students to the amazing, demanding, yet rewarding world of welding.

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I like that every subject is explained very well. The why and what you are doing are explained; and, the right way and the wrong way are shown.

John Hayes

Staton Island, New York

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