Machine Shop Course

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This knowledge-based Machine Shop Course comes in 3 modules and covers the A–Z of manual machining, the lathe, vertical milling machine and general machine shop techniques:

Lathe: Detailed instruction on the set-up and operation of the lathe. Students learn how to turn, bore, thread, knurl, taper and make precision parts.

The Vertical Milling Machine: Video instruction detailing everything the student needs to know about how to set-up and operate a vertical mill including; fly cutting, indexing, boring, milling aluminum, steel and plastics, clamping, fixturing, and digital read-out.

General Machine Shop Techniques: Students learn how to properly operate all the support equipment needed in a shop: precision measuring tools, belt sanders, bead blasters, grinders and surface grinders, plus learn how to sharpen drill bits, remove broken screws. Detailed shop planning and set-up, and advanced equipment and techniques is also covered.

The Machine Shop Course prepares an individual for entry-level apprentice employment in the machining trade (SOC 51-4041 Machinists [entry-level/apprentice]) and for entry-level machine shop work classified as General Maintenance and Repair (SOC 49-9071 US Department of Labor).

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Machine Overview

Instruction Hours

72.5 Study Hours
Self-paced—completed within 1 to 12 Months

  • No Prerequisites
  • Certificate in Machine Shop Theory
  • Distance education—delivered by video instruction with instructor support available by email or phone.
    Complete course syllabus available below.

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