Plumbing Technician Course

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or your employees professional plumbing skills:

This knowledge-based Plumbing Course teaches the A–Z of the plumbing trade and is taught by a licensed plumbing instructor, rapidly preparing students for entry-level work in plumbing.

Receive consistent, high-level instruction in everything related to plumbing in topics such as tools, safety, the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC), all major systems and subsystems such as: drain, waste and vent, toilets, laves, tubs, fixtures, water heaters, commercial grease traps and so much more! You’ll learn the rough-in, top-out and installation of all new construction plumbing, as well as basic plumbing repair and maintenance.

The Plumbing Course prepares individuals for entry-level employment in positions involving Plumbing Assistance (SOC 49-3015, Helpers-Pipelayers, Plumbers, Pipefitters, Steamfitters, US Department of Labor) and entry-level and exempt plumbing work classified as General Maintenance and Repair (SOC 49-9071 US Department of Labor).

Plumbing Course List

  • History, Safety
  • Tools, Plan Reading
  • Plumbing Systems and Subsystems
  • Cutting, Installation, Testing, Service & Repair
  • Drain, Waste & Vent (DWV) Systems
  • Gas, Fire Sprinklers, Water Heaters and More!

Plumbing Overview

Instruction Hours

  • Certificate in Plumbing Theory upon Completion
  • Distance education—delivered online with video instruction and testing. Instructor support and interaction online or by email or phone. 
    Fill in your info below to get a complete course outline. This course is not intended to enable an individual to become a licensed Plumber.

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